Couple of Cycle links to share with you

So one thing i’m interested at the moment, as I’m sure you can tell if you’re reading my poetry, is how the Moon cycle affects us as humans. Here are two links that I’ve come across that lend to this theory:


Have a read

We Turn Towards the Sun


Though for a while

There was a comfort in the shadows

The moon soon showed its smile

By presenting an adolescent crescent;

It is a necessary reaction,

In spite of the imperfections,

To reflect a light upon the world,

And so the work has begun.

The morning has come

As we turn back towards the Sun.

Album Review: Orpheus vs the Sirens

So I am looking at getting into music, and what is interesting me at the moment is: what makes a good album.


Orpheus vs the Sirens is an album that I came across via Reddit HiphopHeads, as a collaboration between the lyrically talented Ka and the musically gifted Animoss. And I am glad to have come across this piece of genius.


Orpheus is a mythical Greek figure, a man who could charm all living things and even rocks with his ability as a musician and a poet. Some of the stories you may be aware of are: saving his wife, Eurydice, from the Underworld as one of only a few men to return before losing her on his journey back, and travelling with the Argonauts on the hunt for the Golden Fleece (though my knowledge on that may be lacking some). This epic album describes some of this.


One of the first things that I noticed is the use of string instruments for much of this album, representing his use of the Lyre that he carried – created by Hermes and perfected by Orpheus.


The album is made up of 10 songs: Sirens, Fate, Orpheus, Atlas, Argo, Golden Fleece, The Punishment of Sissyphus, Hades, Oedipus and Companion of Artemis. Each of these songs is related to Greek myth in some way, and the gifted Ka finds a way to relate all of these to his journey through life. Sirens is about the problems in life that we face, recognised by the fact that the Sirens are mythical creatures that would force wrecks on ships, Fate questions whether this life is Fate or whether we should do work to move forward, Orpheus is an autobiographical piece, Atlas talks about the world on his shoulders (the myth of Atlas was that he was punished by Zeus to carry the world on his shoulders for eternity), Argo is about the journey where the ship for the Argonauts journey was called Argo, the Golden Fleece was an attainable treasure that the Argonauts went on their journey to find (so it is about KA’s journey), Sissyphus was a man that was left to toll for eternity, Hades is a song about giving his all to save what he loves from the Underworld, Oedipus shows that we are all family, and Artemis was the Goddess of Wild Animals and the Hunt – so KA is calling himself a companion of her through life.


Everything he says in this album relates somewhat to his life (and our life), and it fits really well. KA has a flow that is beautiful to listen to, with some amazing internal rhymes to go along with it. Some lyrics worth noting:

“Of course when I was lost, it was important to search, for years accepting this living prison, I just thought we were cursed.” – Fate

“No rest, forever quest, golden fleece.” – Golden Fleece

“Inherited a ready made plight, too heavy, not many made it light.” Punishment of Sissyphus

“Stayed hopeful and broke through on my umpteenth try.” – Punishment of Sissyphus

“Put feelings in your dealings, never do it numb.” – Companion of Artemis


And there are many more, but I would suggest giving the album a strong lesson yourself. It is very worth it, and huge props to KA and Animoss for a piece of magic.

25th September

And so the new deadline is set, the new deadline for the next piece of my work…. 25th September.


This will be a poem on cycles, everyday cycles that we all see, do, come across, etc, all blended into one.


We’ll see how it goes, but there’s a few things I want to accomplish:

  • Use of Alliteration – I did that challenge for a reason!
  • The Use of music/rhythm – Not for the final performance, but I want there to be a sense of rhythm throughout
  • A thinking piece

There will be more to it, but that’s all I can think of in this moment – keep an eye out for updates as I continue along this journey!

Lessons from the Alliteration Challenge

And that is the conclusion of my Alliteration Challenge – onto the next one, but before then, I’ve learned some lessons and I would love to share them with you.

Firstly, I have loved this challenge. Truthfully, it was put to the back of my mind at times, bearing in mind I finished this project just over four weeks since I planned to finish it (Which is almost double the amount of time I planned to spend on it! Fuuuuck). But I’m glad of it, can tick of read a dictionary off my bucket list, among many others.


Lesson 1 – Stick to your deadline

Completing this task four weeks after the challenge was due to end is a disappointment to me. Although I can argue that the task was maybe the task was set a deadline that was too ambitious (read a full ‘mini’ dictionary and write a poem for each letter in 26 days) I know that was a lie. I was on a good run at one point, and combining a couple of poems would have saved me time. But I got maybe a little bit too disheartened.

And maybe at times, life got in the way.


Lesson 2 – Manage time more effectively

At times, it is true, life did get in the way. Sometimes I forget that I’m a 26 year old man with dreams and desires and things to do – I don’t want to be the kind of man that just sits in my room under a light coming up with poems because that would honestly not make me a genuine person. And there was one week where there was a lot of stuff going on – whether that was World Cup Games, work nights out, team nights out, meeting with my friends, etc, these are all things that keep the human mind sane (where sociable creates of course). But there were times when I’d sit scrolling through oblivion on some shitty website, wasting my own time, that could have definitely been used for better and more effective things. That hour I have going into work, I could be working. Rather than the 2 hour lay in, that could be turned into a quick poem, or a couple of chapters read of a book I spent my hard earned money on.


Lesson 3: In completing a task, know when to get back on it

Too often I would finish a task, ie, reading a letter in the dictionary or completing a poem early in a day and then resting on my laurels – I could have been using this time to improve my writing, or researching a word and how to incorporate that into a poem – among many other things. Instead I would relax a little too long, and suddenly the idea leaves my head and I have to restart the idea of a poem. A little relaxation can help to recover the mind, rest it in preparation for something bigger and better – but I need to learn when to rest it (and how to rest more efficiently), and then get back into the work.


Lesson 4: Working on something with passion spawns greater growth

On a much more positive note, I found out pretty quickly that by working hard, new avenues would open up. Whether this was more projects, new ideas, new opportunities, etc, I found myself becoming more busy in a much more positive way. It helped my state of mind, and it was only when I started slowing things down for myself did I start to feel a bit more forlorn.


Lesson 5: Remember when you’re on your own time, and when you’re on borrowed time

As it came to the end, I felt myself fitting back into the 9-5 human/robot/cattle I felt before. Suddenly I was only working that 9-5 in my regular job, not caring much elsewhere in life, and spending my weekend as most weekends are spent… relaxed and out of the way.


So all in all, I’m proud of myself, but as it goes…. On to the next one.